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We are proud to be one of Singapore’s oldest Sugar company that upholds values of culture, tradition and quality. Our rich history, diverse culture and dedication to quality has been the back bone to the company’s success. Being a family business passed down from generations to generations to come, we value our time-tested values and cherish the relationships with all our stakeholders – employees, suppliers, business partners and customers – for the contribution they make in our success story. Instilled in our company’s DNA from the start is our company’s name.  In Chinese characters, 鍾友興, when broken down individually represent:
鍾 (zhong) or Cheng: The family’s name Cheng – the importance of looking after the company which ultimately takes care of family.
友(you) or yew: Friendship- the long-term relationships that we build is akin to friendship
興(xing) or heng: Happiness / Prosperity – the focus on growing your profitability leads to happiness and prosperity to all.

As a family business, we embrace our employees as part of our extended family; through training, team building activities and pro-family policies, we encourage everyone to reach their fullest potential and contribute towards the company’s growth. It is no wonder that because of our company’s strong culture, many our employees have chosen to continue working with us for may decades. 

Cheng Yew Heng’s founder was from Shantou, on the eastern coast of Guangdong province in China. He settled in Singapore in the early 1900s with nothing to his name working odd jobs to feed a family of 11 and rose from rags to riches owning one of Singapore’s oldest and largest Candy Factory producing preserved fruits and Chinese candies since 1947. He passed his Singapore business to his 5th son in the 50s and began producing Rock Sugar, Red & Black Jaggery Sugar and selling Rice and Sugar.

In 1996, the company was incorporated from a sole proprietorship to a private limited. Our trading operations also flourished steadily ever since international trading division officiated in 1994.

Today, the third generation, run by brothers look after the company for the next generation. And although having established the company as an industry leader, we are always forward looking and always striving to be better and explore great opportunities.


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