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Innovate 360 by Cheng Yew Heng is Singapore’s first food incubator with facilities recognised by the government. It was conceptualized by Cheng Yew Heng’s 3rd generation owners on its 70th anniversary in 2017.

The purpose, to help entrepreneurs, startups, and companies- small and large, to succeed by leveraging on its corporate business’s strengths. Innovate 360 is a one stop solution for companies to access help through its partnership with educational institutes, food companies and government.

In 2018, Innovate 360 was appointed StartupSG Accredited Mentor Partner and Entrepass partner, which helps startups obtain funding from the Enterprise Signapore and foreign founders stay and work in Singapore.

Innovate 360 is a key player in building the ecosytem in Singapore. It is a co-founder of Feed9b.Asia, an open innovation platform aimed at raising awareness on food sustainability, food security, food safety and healthier options in an effort to solve world hunger in 2050 when the population reaches 9 billion people. It is also a member of the Sino-Singapore Innovation Alliance, a bridge for driving innovation between incubators and accelerators.

Situated at the crossroads of Singapore’s North-west Innovation corridor and food manufacturing zone,  its 90,000sqf premises caters to shared facilities, food manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and research & development.

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