About Us

 Cheng Yew Heng is Singapore’s oldest and only sugar manufacturer producing traditional sugar. The business started as a factory producing preserved fruits and candies in 1947. It then went on to manufacture Rock Sugar, Red Jaggery Sugar and Black Jaggery Sugar. In 1996, the company was privatised and so started its international trading. Today it is a leading food manufacturer, distributor, global commodity trader and startup food incubator.

The business  has been guided by traditions passed down through generations. It’s values are encapsulated by its company’s name, Cheng Yew Heng (鍾友兴), represents the family together with friends bring happiness.

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Mailing Address
No. 9 Chin Bee Drive,
Singapore 619860

Sales Hotline : (+65) 6266-3530
Facsimile / Fax: (+65) 6266-2821

Local Sales Enquiry:
local_sales @ chengsugar.com

International Sales Enquiry:
sales @ chengsugar.com

General Enquiries:
cyh @ chengsugar.com

Technical Enquiries:
support @ chengsugar.com