Our Value Proposition

Cheng Yew Heng is known for principled business transactions that result in a win-win situation for all parties involved in a trading situation.

How do we make your business profitable?

We are constantly in search of means to take the stress out of your business and make it more profitable. As a prominent player in the food manufacturing or trading business we understand your specific challenges. We therefore have come up with a unique bouquet of advantages:

  • Economies of Scale:We bring to small and medium buyers the same privileges enjoyed by large buyers. We have a solid bargaining power since we buy very large quantities from our suppliers. We get better prices, shipping rates and product delivery terms which we always pass on to you. There are not many suppliers who can match us on this count.
  • Product Exchange:As we maintain stocks in our warehouse facilities, we are able to “exchange” products should there be genuine deviation in agreed parameters.Whenever there is a genuine concern, our customers benefit hugely from being able to exercise our warranty option, as compared to a scenario when they buy themselves.
  • “Just-in-Time” Logistics: Now you need not lock up your precious space to store large quantities of goods. We provide warehouse management solutions and just-in-time supply of the exact quantities you need. Just imagine the boost we give to your profitability in terms of space saving.
  • Steady, assured supply: Product shortages in the food industry can be devastating. We ensure that your supply lines are never disrupted. We mitigate this risk easily since we work with several reputed suppliers besides always maintaining a minimum stock level for valued customers.
  • Financing:Chances are that suppliers may demand advance payment when you import sugar or other food commodities on your own. As our valued customers, we lower the burden on your capital. We offer various flexible payment terms allowing you to stretch your dollar.
  • Hedging strategy: We have our ears to the ground and constantly monitor the market. We reduce the risk of fluctuations by hedging against fluctuations of commodity prices and against currency fluctuations between the US$ and local currency.
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