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What are our main products?

We are proud to be a Singaporean company that upholds values of honesty, quality and transparency. Our history, culture and success are closely linked with that of the rise of Singapore as a trading superpower. We have the distinction of being Singapore’s oldest manufacturers of natural sugar products. For the past 60 years we have been manufacturing the following products under our stringent quality control:

Products manufactured in Singapore

  • STAR BRAND Rock Sugar
  • STAR BRAND Pearl Rock Sugar (Small Rock Sugar)
  • STAR BRAND Red Jaggery Sugar
  • STAR BRAND Black Jaggery Sugar

We have sweetened the lives of many. From the young to the old throughout the generations and ethnic communities – predominantly Chinese, Malay and Indian – that coexists peacefully and create a uniquely Singaporean society. We have established a reliable supply chain for the other important food commodities such as:

Traded Commodities

  • Raw Sugar : We source our Raw Sugar from Brazil, Philippines and Thailand and supply in bulk vessels.
  • VHP Sugar : We supply bagged Very High Polarization (VHP) Sugar from Thailand.
  • White Sugar : We sell a wide varieties of Sugar including Bold Grain in 45 icumsa, Coarse Sugar in 100 icumsa and 150s icumsa from India, Pakistan, and Thailand.
  • Refined Sugar: We source refined Sugar from South Korea, United Kingdom, Europe, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand. We maintain ready stocks of sugar brands such as Mitr Phol, Sun Brand, TRR, KSL, MSM . We can deliver the product in convenient package sizes of 1 metric ton, 50kg, 30kg, and 25kg, etc.
  • Wheat Flour : We are leading distributors of Wheat Flour.We bring to our customers leading brands,from Japan, Turkey and Malaysia such as InterFlour’s Horse, Blue Horse (For Roti Prata), Golden Horse (Premium Flour for Breads/Cakes), Yellow Horse (Noodle Flour)and so on.
  • Rice : We supply top grade, half-broken and par boil varieties of rice from Thailand, Vietnam, India and Pakistan.
  • Corn / Maize : We supply all types of corn varieties such as Yellow Corn.

Others: We also procure a variety of food items such as Molasses, Fructose Syrup, Glucose, maltodextrose. We source directly from the producers so that we can administer a strict quality control.

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