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15 July- 6 September 2015: Cheng Yew Heng made it to the “50 Made in Signapore Products Exhibition in the National Museum of Singapore as part of the SG50 celebrations honoring local brands manufactured in Singapore. Find out more here.

1 July 2015: Cheng Yew Heng is appointed the exclusive distributor of Khong Guan Flour Milling Limited in Singapore for Wheat Flour, Wholemeal Flour, Wheat by-products, Cooking Oils, Corn/Tapioca/Wheat/Potato Starches, and other baking ingredients.

27 April, 4/28 May, 3 June 2015: Cheng Yew Heng is featured as a company in an ad to promote hiring older workers in the workplace.

20 April 2015: Cheng Yew Heng is featured on The Edge Singapore, a weekly business newspaper, in the enterprise section alongside Goodrich Global on the topic of “Employability of older workers”.

16 April 2015: Cheng Yew Heng adopts the LPM WSQ in your organisation’s internal Leadership or Talent Development Roadmaps conducted by Singapore National Employers Federation.

9/16 March 2015: Cheng Yew Heng was awarded GOLD for the Singapore Health Award by the Health Promotion Board of Singapore. The results of the Singapore HEALTH Award were published in the Business Times on 9th March and  Mon, 16 March.

5-10 Feb: Cheng Yew Heng participates in SPRING Singapore’s competition “SG50 Local Champions, Global Leaders” with Temasek Polytechnic. The exhibition was at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre, Hall 405. 

28 October 2014: The Food Detectives (Season 2, Episode 4) aires The Bittersweet Truth About Sugar
The Programme is a 30min featuring a segment on how Cheng Yew Heng manufactures Rock Sugar, Red Sugar and Black Sugar is made in Singapore and what are the different types of Sugar.

The new season of The Food Detectives continues the culinary exploration of the everyday foods we eat. Host, Nikki Muller will debunk the myths, delve into the unknowns and provide useful information to help us make informed choices for the meals we enjoy. She’s asking the questions, which everyone wants to know.

Below are scenes from taken during the filming.


 26 August 2014: Cheng Yew Heng signs the TAFEP pledge and joins company’s in Singapore to promote the adoption of fair, responsible and progressive employment practices so as to enable employees to realise their full potential and help their employers achieve organisational excellence.

2 August 2014: CHENG Brand goes to the heartland! Check out Event Photos Here

8-11 April 2014: Cheng Yew Heng launches its retail brand for Singapore Households under the CHENG brand.

28 November 2013: Our Associate Company, SMC Food 21 clinched 11 place in the Singapore’s 2013 Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards despite it being the 1st time taking part in the Award. For More information Click Here!

27 November 2013: Cheng Yew Heng debuts on the local TV Channel in infotainment series, Dagang hosted by local celebrity Fauzie Laily. The hour long programme traces Cheng Yew Heng’s roots and history, then goes to Thailand to see where and how sugar is milled at Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group’s Mill before coming back to Singapore to discover how Rock Sugar, Red Sugar and Black Sugar is made in Cheng Yew Heng.

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