The people who bring CHENG Sugar to the tables of millions, are like family. They, in turn, put their utmost effort in the work that they do every single day. We make every grain of sugar with care and love for those you treasure most in life. We insist on the highest standards and quality from procurement to manufacturing, believing that people who buy our products deserve nothing but the very best.

CHENG Sugar products have been used by top chefs under the STAR BRAND for more than 65 years in Singapore. These culinary craftsmen appreciate the stringent standards that our products adhere to and using our sugar is testament to its the quality.

Food just tastes better with CHENG Sugar, as our products bring out the flavor without overpowering it.  

CHENG Rock Sugar is used in soup, dessert, liquor, Chinese traditional medicine or consumed on its own. It is perfect for Asian cooking as it melts slowly, enhancing the flavor without overpowering its taste.

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